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Fishing Guide School - motor repairAlaska's Fishing Guide School

The fly fishing and hand tackle guide school will be held at Alaska's Legend Lodge. The location is in the world famous Bristol Bay drainage on Lake Iliamna about 250 miles south west of Anchorage at our fly fishing lodge in a remote part of Alaska. The course is six days with an option of a 1-3 week internship at the lodge as a guide. 

  • Classes will be held during the summer.
  • Food served during course.
  • $2799 for the six day course.
  • No charge on the optional 1-3 week internship.

Course Description

  • How to operate both prop and jet powered boats.
  • Boat and motor maintenance.
  • How to provide a safe fishing experience.
  • How to provide casting instruction.
  • Understanding equipment uses. (For example: When to use floating line or sinking line.)
  • Techniques of fly fishing.
  • Techniques of spin and bait casting.
  • Selection of fly patterns or spin/bait casting lures.
  • Basic Entomology.
  • Basic Ichthyology.
  • Photography tips.
  • Food preparation for shore lunch.
  • How to play, handle and release fish.
  • Stream etiquette.
  • Fishing Guide School - motor repairHow to provide customer service.

Students will receive a certificate of course completion, letters of recommendation and job referral.